I Have Questions

What are your assumptions?

Oh God of Rationale,

Are you even aware of them?

God of “in the real world”

Where is this real world?

How do you know you are in it

And I am not?

God of “it could be worse”

Why should I feel better

That someone else

Has it worse?

God of Judgement

If all puffs are fluffs

And some fluffs are muffs

And all fluffs are tuffs

Can they all be fools?

(As an aside to the God of IQ

Does an education in Venn Diagrams

Give a distinct advantage?)

God of Psychological Disorders

How does packaging me

Into a neat labelled box

With my difficulties and suffering

Help me in any way?

Or does it just help you?

Does it ease the discomfort I illicit in you?

Is this a coping mechanism for you?

Could you possibly have Obsessive Compulsive

Labelling Disorder?

Without this coping mechanism would you find it

Difficult to “emotionally regulate”?

Would you have to step down off that pedestal

You’ve put yourself on?

Admit your self-defeating behavior?

Would you have to lose that patronising tone?

Would you feel the need to downgrade my Risk Assessment

So I could buy an Oreo Ice-cream Sandwich

In the hospital shop and eat it in the garden

With my fellow disordered personalities?

Or should I wrap this packaging so tightly

Around my neck that you and some other “objective” gods

Lock me in Critical Care without my consent?

(Aisling Reilly 26/06/2016)

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