I’m a person, with very little figured out, who battles vociferously and sometimes not-so-vociferously with anxiety and depression. There was no cloud-parting-to-reveal-beams-of-glistening-sunlight moment for me when things started to make sense or get easier but over time the pressure of life is eased a little when I allow myself to express what I’m feeling without shame and let it all hang out. The Mind Memoirs is all about . . . well, that!

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  1. Good for you …! And as a fellow GAD sufferer I can hold out hope that as time goes by one learns to recognise its patterns, and can then develop better coping strategies. And that age blunts sensitivity in all of us. Me, nowadays, I just have to get through the first cupla hours of morning without thinking a single thought and then I’m fine. (Docs say the trouble is that my serotonin, noradrenaline etc. are very slow to fire up again after sleep.) One thing I’ve noticed through the years is that I tend to regard people who have never been in the black hole as a bit less clued in, less interesting … slightly naive and ignorant, maybe … some important insight missing. Another thing I noticed was that the whole syndrome disappeared for about 20 years when the kids arrived — hormones again, maybe, and of course nothing was about me any more, no time or space for introspection. And that stage lasted long enough to create ingrained thought grooves. Being calm and cheerful for the kids became a habit that works for myself too. On balance, after 30 it hasn’t been anywhere near as bad as in teens and twenties!
    See you in the island, I hope
    Love, Carla

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